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Multi-Site Companies need Multi-Site Networks

Your first location is running smoothly and it's time for the second one. How will you stay in control of it? Time and Gasoline are too precious to be spent driving between all your locations each day.

The benefit of a Wide Area Network (WAN) link is are that local information is available in each area in real time, and is available remotely in near-real time. This saves driving time and can be the backbone of an off-site data backup system. Batchnet has the tools to keep you in touch with each location ... from any other location.

We work with your long term planning goals to design the appropriate network for each step as you grow. Each small project is cost efficient and is a building block for the next several steps to meeting your goals.

Multiple location rollout? Use repeatable IT solutions.

Batchnet can design and implement the IT system for your new location(s) as a turn-key project. You focus on the business, we focus on the computer network. Our project design and documentation tools make it easy to roll out multiple sites quickly and repeatably.

Our Network Lab area is equipped to assemble, configure and test all the hardware in the network of your new location, so there will be no surprises at startup.

Our Network Administrator's Manual contains the routine procedures your local administrator can use for the daily tasks, and is a good training tool for new users.