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Backup Solutions

Your data is the core of your business, and is absolutely invaluable. Losing data such as accounts receivable, customer records, digital images (the list goes on...) is simply not an option.

In addition, operating systems (your computer’s “C: drive”) need to be backed up so that in case of a disk failure, your computer systems can be restored and operational in hours rather than days.

Hard drives (along with power supplies) are the most common points of failure in modern PC computer systems, simply because they have moving mechanical parts. Redundancy is important, but is only a first line of defense. You need rock solid, reliable, verified backups.

Data backup technology has matured since the days of tape backups and insecure “take home” USB drives. Batchnet is utilizing the most advanced and affordable technologies such as hard drive based local backups and remote (internet based) backup systems.

Batchnet offers customized, backup solutions for your business:
On-site Backup Service
We backup your operating system and data to a local disk drive. After initial setup, this backup occurs automatically, on a specified schedule. This provides the quickest and most reliable recovery in case of failure.

Remote Backup Service
We backup your data to secure, geo-redundant data centers, through an encrypted 128-bit SSL connection. Protect your data against hardware failures, viruses, fires, water damage, and theft. Don’t leave your data integrity to chance.

Managed Backup Service
Your on-site and remote backups are verified by a Batchnet engineer, and a weekly backup status report is emailed to you.... Peace of mind.