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Why Outsource IT services?

Our people   +   Our payroll   =   Your Advantage

We understand that it isn't possible for most small businesses to have their own internal IT staff. Batchnet acts as your company's IT helpdesk. We can respond quickly on-site, or using remote control technology to help your staff with problems. More importantly, we offer proactive monitoring and maintenance services, and we implement our systems in such a way that emergencies rarely happen in the first place. We work to understand how your business uses your computer system and help you do so more efficiently.

Batchnet does not require any maintenance contracts, but we strongly recommend regular biannual Maintenance Visits. Another great service is our managed backup service, where a human being confirms that backups are actually occurring, and even emails you reports showing actual backup results!

Our goal is a long term relationship with each client, so we document all the work, provide it to the client, and help them understand it. When we help our customers grow, they remain loyal - and tell their friends, which is how we grow.

We offer a range of services, to meet the needs of companies in many different markets. We will work with you to provide exactly the services you need to make your operation most efficient.

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