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IT Helpdesk

When your staff has a computer problem, they need a quick response, good communications, and timely resolution to the problem.
We can save you time and money by remotely connecting from our office to your computer system and controlling it's desktop just as we were sitting in front of it on-site.


Documentation is key to an organized, efficient computer system. We document our work in detail so your invoice will reflect exactly what we did.

Response Times

For emergencies (meaning, your business operations are severely impacted by the problem), we will respond on-site and/or remotely within 3 hours (usually 1 hour or less).
For non-emergencies we will respond remotely within 3 hours, or on-site within one business day.

Scheduled Maintenance Visits

We recommend scheduled biannual maintenance visits to ensure all of your workstations have up-to-date anti-virus software and Windows updates. We will check over the systems to ensure your workstations, servers, and network equipments are healthy.

New Businesses

If you are starting a new business, or moving to a new location, let Batchnet help you to design your network and computer system. We will ensure you have the right hardware and software for the job, and have the knowledge to integrate your applications and write custom software/scripts if needed. We can help you locate phone and internet providers if needed as well.